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Stop rain penetrating external walls … Keep them dry … DRY WALLS ARE WARM WALLS

See how easily water soaks into an untreated wall

Rain, especially wind-driven rain, can cause problems when the walls of a house soak up the water.

Homes lose around a third of the heat through their walls and wet masonry accelerates this heat loss. This could lead to higher energy bills due to increased heating requirements.

The product we apply soaks into external brickwork and creates a hydrophobic layer that is resistant to penetrating damp. The product is also breathable, allowing water vapour in the home to pass through the wall.

It is important to protect your home from the elements to help with thermal efficiency and keep your property warm and dry. 

Reduction of the home’s rate of heat loss

= reduction in the amount of energy required for heating

= reduction in energy bills

= saving £££s

We use a proven method of reducing heat loss

The product we apply is a colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment, which improves thermal performance.

It is applied to the exterior wall surface and will absorb into, and bond with, the building materials, making them waterproof without changing their appearance.

It cures to form a water-repellent barrier.


  • Provides water and rain repellency
  • Reduces heat loss through walls
  • Is UV resistant
  • Allows your bricks to breathe
  • Is deeply penetrating
  • Protects your bricks from frost damage
  • Product guaranteed for 25 years

As well as helping reduce heat loss, application of the product can reduce the effects of Spalling and Efflorescence 


The most common cause of spalling is frost damage caused by water in the pores of the bricks expanding when it freezes. Application of the product prevents this from occurring, by preventing water from entering the pore structure of the brick, whilst allowing any existing moisture to evaporate.


Efflorescence is a salty deposit with a white or off-white colour that can form on the surface of bricks. It is brought about by moisture within the masonry and it is safe to assume that it’s presence is indicative of damp in your walls. Applying the product provides water and rain repellency and helps to prevent efflorescence.

Cavity Wall Insulation Protection

Reduce damp caused by insulation

Applying the breathable waterproofing cream to the outer leaf will increase the walls water resistance, preventing any further water from being absorbed into the insulation whilst also letting any existing moisture evaporate away.

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